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    Sainsbury’s supermarket to be powered entirely by its own food waste
    It’s an unfortunate fact that every day around the world, supermarkets throw out tons of food that has spoiled before it could be purchased. While it would be best if that spoilage could be avoided in the first place, British grocery chain Sainsbury’s is taking what might be the next-best approach – it’s about to start using that unsellable food to power one of its stores. Here’s how the system should work … First of all, produce that’s a little past-its-prime but still edible is donated to charities, while food that’s a little older is given to zoos or used in the production of animal feed. The stuff that’s truly rotten, though, is picked up from Sainsbury’s stores across the UK by the same trucks that deliver the fresh food every day – so the trucks aren’t making special trips just to pick up the waste. They return with it to the central Sainsbury’s depot, where it’s subsequently picked up by trucks from the Biffa waste management company. These trucks deliver it to a Biffa-operated plant in the town of Cannock, where it’s fed into an anaerobic digester. Within the zero-oxygen environment inside that digester, bacteria break down the waste to produce bio-methane gas. That gas is then used to produce electricity at the plant. From there, the electricity is fed to Sainsbury’s Cannock store via a 1.5 km (0.9 mile)-long cable. That electricity should meet all of the store’s day-to-day needs, allowing the building to operate independent of the national electrical grid. Any extra electricity that’s not needed by the store, however, will be fed into that grid. (via Sainsbury’s supermarket to be powered entirely by its own food waste)


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    Is there a period in human development when we have a “teenage brain?”

    That’s a great question because there is even the issue that has been raised as to whether adolescence is “for real” in a biological sense. I mean, there’s plenty of cultures where essentially, you know, you’re married off to somebody when you’re 13 or some such thing, and all you are is like an adult with acne, that it’s not a special stage. And the suggestion that this is something that the West kind of invented, dealing with the fact that there’s now viewed as a delay between when one starts one’s main occupation, when one finishes education, and at the earlier end when the hormones start. Ah, we’ll call this magical period in between adolescence. So if it’s just an artificial construct, everything the brain is doing during development should just be in a smooth curve like this, where somewhere arbitrarily oops, that’s what we call adolescence is starting. Made-up concept. But that’s not what you see, because it is distinctive.

    Parts of the brain are pretty much going full bore by the time you’re a year old, 5 years old. There’s parts of the brain, the limbic system which is involved centrally in emotion, which are pretty much all there by the time adolescence is starting. Then another distinctive feature of adolescence, which tells you it’s not just this: The hormones start. So what’s the frontal cortex doing there? The easiest picture would be if it’s the one that’s just sluggishly going on. That’s not what you see though. Interestingly, by the beginning of adolescence your frontal cortex is bigger than it’ll be as an adult.

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    Click here to watch Jon Stewart discuss the child immigration debate. And stick around for his extended interview with Hillary Clinton.

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    Überall und zu allen Zeiten haben die Dämonen im Dunkeln gelauert auf die Stunde, da der Mensch schwach wird, da er seine ihm von Gott auf Frei­heit gegründete Stellung im ordo eigen­mächtig verläßt, da er dem Druck des Bösen nach­gibt, sich von den Mächten höherer Ordnung loslöst und so, nachdem er den ersten Schritt frei­willig getan, zum zweiten und dritten und immer mehr getrieben wird mit rasend steigender Geschwindig­keit – überall und zu allen Zeiten der höchsten Not sind Menschen auf­ge­stan­den, Propheten, Heilige, die ihre Freiheit gewahrt hatten, die auf den Einzigen Gott hinwiesen und mit seiner Hilfe das Volk zur Umkehr mahnten. Wohl ist der Mensch frei, aber er ist wehr­los wider das Böse ohne den wahren Gott, er ist wie ein Schiff ohne Ruder, dem Sturme preis­ge­ge­ben, wie ein Säugling ohne Mutter, wie eine Wolke, die sich auflöst.

    Gibt es, so frage ich Dich, der Du ein Christ bist, gibt es in diesem Ringen um die Erhaltung Deiner höchsten Güter ein Zögern, ein Spiel mit Intrigen, ein Hinaus­schieben der Ent­scheidung in der Hoffnung, daß ein anderer die Waffen erhebt, um Dich zu verteidigen? Hat Dir nicht Gott selbst die Kraft und den Mut gegeben zu kämpfen? Wir müssen das Böse dort angreifen, wo es am mächtigsten ist, und es ist am mächtigsten in der Macht Hitlers.

    — Die Weiße Rose – Flugblatt 4 (via alltagssammelsurium)

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