2. The Pyramids Of Egypt

    Cairo, Egypt, 1920. An archaeologist is about to discover the secret of the Egyptian pyramids.

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    The Poor People Of Paris (Jean’s Song)” | Billy May & Les Baxter (1956)

    Billy May recorded this Latin-styled version that appears in the Ultra-Lounge CD Volume 10: A Bachelor in Paris, that was edited together with Les Baxter’s version. - Via

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    This is somehow sad…


  7. "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will"
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    welcome to L.A.!

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  9. "Western communication has what linguists call a “transmitter orientation”—that is, it is considered the responsibility of the speaker to communicate ideas clearly and unambiguously. …within a Western cultural context, which holds that if there is confusion, it is the fault of the speaker. But Korea, like many Asian countries, is receiver oriented. It is up to the listener to make sense of what is being said."
    — Malcolm Gladwell (via inthenoosphere)

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    Absorb them in your wisdom, remember them with fondness and allow them to be forgotten with laughter..

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